Trauma Nursing Core Course

TNCC Course

The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is an extensively acknowledged and standardised training program created specifically for nurses responsible for the care of trauma patients. Its primary objective is to equip nurses with the necessary understanding and capabilities to evaluate and handle trauma patients within emergency or critical care environments.


  •  2 Days

Target Audience:

This course is recommended for registered nurses involved in trauma care.

Course Structure:

TNCC teaches nurses how to rapidly and accurately assess trauma patients, identify life-threatening injuries, and initiate appropriate interventions. The course covers techniques for managing the airway and ensuring proper ventilation in trauma patients. It includes instruction on recognising and managing different types of shock and strategies for fluid resuscitation. It also provides information on assessing and managing head and spine injuries, including the recognition of signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury. The course also covers abdominal and pelvic injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, burns and the unique considerations in caring for specific populations, such as paediatric and geriatric trauma patients.


  • 22 Clinical and 2 Ethics CPD points.

Instructor/Student Ratio: