Medical Evacuation

Provide a lifeline for employees in critical condition with our medical evacuation service

In a severe or life-threatening medical emergency, employees must be transported quickly out of the location and transferred to a specialised care facility. This is where our Aeromedical Emergency Services, or Air Ambulance Medical Transport, take centre stage. Our medevac services cater for both short and long-range flights. We can ensure that the aeromedical emergency services are cleared with flight authorisation quickly and efficiently, enabling patients to get the specialised care they need. These aircraft have life-support medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, defibrillators, and medication to provide advanced medical treatment during the flight. This means patients can receive timely and critical care before they arrive at the closest specialist medical centre. By ensuring access to these services, you as a business can meet your duty of care responsibilities.

Medical Evacuation Service Features

Our medevac strategies for remote project sites in Africa are comprehensive and address the region’s unique challenges. Each strategy is developed based on the specific needs of our clients. Some of the key features include:

Risk Assessment

We identify potential health risks on the project site, which will help determine the required evac services.

Medical Evacuation Protocols

Our expert medical team will develop clear protocols for crisis management, including decision-making processes, communication channels, and coordination with local authorities.

Local Partnerships

We establish partnerships with local medical facilities, ensuring they are equipped to handle emergencies and can provide necessary support. A medevac plan will be implemented if they cannot accommodate specific emergencies.

Communication Strategy

Our knowledgeable team will develop a robust communication plan to ensure quick and effective communication during emergency medical evacuations.

Evacuation Routes

As part of this solution, we determine and establish the nearest medical facilities capable of handling different emergencies.

Medical Evacuation Implementation

Our medical staff is on hand 24/7 to arrange the medivac as and when needed for a medical escort.

Training and Drills

We regularly ensure there are training drills where these protocols and procedures can be practised, and any problems and issues can be identified and managed.

Mass Evacuation Support

As part of this solution, we can also provide mass evacuation support in the case of a national emergency, natural disaster, etc.

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