Medical Staffing

For a fully integrated approach to medical & emergency management

We procure accredited, certified and experienced medical professionals for your remote project site

We can assist you in fulfilling your duty of care obligations by providing appropriate healthcare professionals and medical teams for your remote project site. This includes occupational health, medical and rescue support. Our medical staffing service ensures that any illnesses, injuries, or accidents are promptly attended to by qualified medical staff, which reduces the risk of complications and ensures that your employees receive quality healthcare. Our healthcare professionals are also essential in promoting preventive healthcare, workforce occupational health, and healthy work environments. This increases productivity by minimising the time lost due to health-related issues. In remote locations where accessing medical facilities may be challenging and time-consuming, having a medical team on-site becomes a crucial and indispensable part of project management that prioritises the well-being of project personnel.

Medical Staffing Features

No matter your medical staffing needs, we can provide qualified, professional, and experienced on-site medical support, including nurses, paramedics, doctors, rescue personnel, and more.

Specialisation in Remote Healthcare Placement

Our team specialises in placing medical professionals for remote or challenging project locations and has facilitated medical staffing for over fifteen years.

Rigorous Screening Process

We utilise a comprehensive screening process to ensure medical candidates have the qualifications, licenses, and experience for remote healthcare settings and provide onshore medical support.

Network of Qualified Professionals

We have a broad and diverse network of healthcare professionals in various specialities willing to work in remote locations.

Understanding of Remote Site Challenges

As a business, we are familiar with the unique challenges and requirements of providing healthcare in remote areas, including logistical, environmental, and resource constraints. This makes us qualified to ensure the right medical personnel are placed on the right project sites.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

We ensure adherence to local and international regulations and standards for medical staffing, ensuring legal and ethical practices.

Customised Staffing Solutions

Our experienced team can tailor medical staffing solutions to each remote project site’s needs and requirements, including language, culture, and medical specialities.

Continuous Training and Support

We ensure ongoing training and support for healthcare professionals to enhance their skills and adapt to the unique challenges of remote healthcare delivery.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our medical staffing services to the changing circumstances and project requirements.

Medical Staffing Features

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