On-site Medical Staffing

For a fully integrated approach to Medical & Emergency Management

Our On-Site Medical Staff supports clients in need of land-based, offshore, and remote medical staffing in industries including oil, gas, mining, and construction. When the nearest suitable medical facilities are far away, it is imperative that you have the right medical equipment and facilities on-site to keep your employees safe.

Tailored to your needs, ATA International Holdings can provide, organise and run remote-site medical clinics, deliver specialised ambulances and vehicles as well as medical supplies for all purposes.

The Medical Staffing services provided are specifically designed to help you maintain the health of your workforce and ensure the continuity of day-to-day operations.

The level of medical cover we offer ranges from
providing a single on-site paramedic, to a full medical team

Healthcare when you need it, where you need it!

Our integrated approach to Healthcare ensures that your employees receive quality medical care, reducing risks of illness, injury and avoiding costly delays which affect the successful running of your operations.

Health & Safety

  • Personnel trained in Health & Safety standards
  • We help you meet international legislation for Health and Safety requirements
  • Fit for work and injury management
  • Occupational Health
  • Hygiene and quality assessments

Emergency Response Plan

  • Development of client specific SOP
  • Incident management
  • Site specific training in poisonous substance, disease and outbreaks
  • Develop and maintain Medical Emergency Response Plans
  • Develop and maintain Local Emergency Response Plans
  • On-site accredited training
  • Refresher ACLS courses
  • Customized medical & rescue courses created to suit your environment
  • We are able to procure any medical or rescue supplies and export globally
  • Providing you all-encompassing healthcare services 
  • Personnel assist in implementing Industry standard medical equipment at your Clinic

Benefits of On-Site Medical Staffing

Compliance, On-site Medical Staff, ATA International Holdings, Remote Medical Staff

Protect your company’s reputation by adhering to industry regulations and best practices for on-site medical care.

Duty of Care, On-site Medical Staff, ATA International Holdings, Remote Medical Staff

We will provide timely and quality medical care to all your employees, reducing risks of illness, injury and avoiding costly delays to the successful running of your operations.

Duty of Care, On-site Medical Staff, ATA International Holdings, Remote Medical Staff

We will support your Duty of Care at all times, allowing your business to attract, retain and motivate your employees. In line with your specific on-site requirements, we will organise the recruitment, training and management of the medical staff we provide. Ensure they have the appropriate experience and language skills to seamlessly integrate with your teams.

With a strong focus on prevention, our solution aims at making your workplace safe for your employees to remain healthy and productive. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the severity of medical cases and the associated lost time due to injury/illness.

Our medical providers are supported by Topside Assistance, which provides 24/7 access to medical advice and telemedicine technology.

Discover The Impact of All-In-One Medical Staffing Services During a Crisis.

Ensure your company’s success through efficient all-in-one turnkey Healthcare and  Emergency Management Solutions. These solutions suit your specific needs in complex and remote environments.

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