Locum worker

This is honestly the best company I have worked for so far


Training in EMC SA

t’s more than a pleasure to have been with you for the training. The service received from you was a privilege because the impact of those trainings is real and tangible even in my daily life.

Training in ALS SA

Well done, keep it up. I enjoyed every second of the training and my stay.

Onsite Training ERT

Facilitator was great, had good knowledge on the course content. We learnt a lot.

Onsite Medical training

The course was simply FANTASTIC!


As a Total Healthcare and Emergency Management solutions provider we are able to offer the following services that enable the end user to obtain a complete turnkey solution from a single well experienced provider.

ATA International staffing division provides world-class medical and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) support services in the most challenging environments. These services include customised provision of EMS and an integrated healthcare support solution, to a variety of clients at risk or risk remote locations. These services cover all operations with the various stages of their project lifecycle, ensuring the health and safety of the national workforce and expatriate population.

An ATA Remote site staffing service successfully manages contracts within various sectors of industry for all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on behalf of their clients. Remote site staffing provision provides medical assistance infrastructure to mitigate on-site accident risk hence minimising health and safety impacts and ensuring the continuity of client business and productivity across all site operations. These services will comply with applicable legislation and the client’s Duty of Care requirements.

ATA international is ideally positioned to provide on-site, EMS, medical staffing, recruitment services, emergency medical training, medical risk assessments and emergency response plans.

As one of the leading providers of training in Africa with internationally accredited and certified courses in Medical, Emergency Response, Occupational Health and Language training. All training programmes are delivered using the outcomes-based methodology, which ensures above average competency.

We offer the appropriate level of courses for your operational environment, dealing with the challenges that emergency responders face on a daily basis. ATA International training offers stimulating programmes which includes a theoretical & practical component, designed to offer you, the healthcare practitioner a comprehensive, informative and exciting way to improve your proficiency in the management of medical, cardiac, surgical and trauma emergencies.

We offer the University of Johannesburg accredited Advanced Rescue Practitioner training, and several bespoke training courses. Highly qualified instructors are drawn from industry specialists with many years’ experience in search and rescue. ATA International specialises in developing, or tailoring, individual competency based ERT training programmes that will fulfil all your requirements.

Specialised rescue training services include but not limited to Rope rescue, Confined space, Mine Rescue, HAZMAT , Trench rescue,  Water/Shore based rescue and Disaster management onsite or in South Africa.

ATA International equipment division is a leader in the provision of medical and rescue equipment in Africa that assists in the treatment, recovery rescue, of victims in routine or complicated emergency incidents. 

We are able to provide all medical equipment, medical consumables and rescue equipment.  We source capital medical and rescue equipment, disposables, products manufactured to the highest standards to ensure only the best quality, superior performance and incomparable safety for the end user at affordable prices.

ATA international sources and provides All Emergency Vehicle Conversions. There are a variety of base vehicles, designs and options available. All components used and manufactured are of the highest quality available. Conversions include but not limited to Ambulances, Rescue Vehicles, Rescue Trailers and Mobile Clinics.

We are also able to provide creative solutions to our clients. If you require a Temporary or Semi-permanent Medical Facility, multiple building solutions can be deployed quickly and easily in various configurations to meet your requirements. ATA international is able to provide these medical facilities as a turnkey operation with all equipment and disposables required to set up Emergency Casualty, ICU or Theatre.

ATA International is able to provide and install emergency control centres onsite. Location, capacity, layout, supporting activities and utilities will vary with the type of site and the scale of the control room required.