Healthcare Management Consultancy

From Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP) to Health Risk and Health Impact Assessments, we cover it all!

During our healthcare consulting services phase, our international medical consultants examine the business goals and objectives, identify the risks associated with the projects and provide strategies, procedures, and policies to mitigate these risks. This is done through various Site Surveillance Audits and other bespoke audits. Our goal is to provide your organisation with the correct processes and procedures to ensure compliance with local and global standards, that zero harm is a reality and that you meet your duty of care requirements. All decision-making is from an evidence-based perspective. With these strategies, procedures and policies in place, you can rest assured that you are prepared for all emergency, medical and rescue situations and tick all the occupational health requirements.

Healthcare Management Consultancy Features

Every business is different, so your strategies, procedures and policies must be tailored to your unique project requirements. Our experienced industry experts are on hand to provide the best strategies to ensure compliance across all medical, emergency, rescue and occupational healthcare standards and procedures. Over and above this, we manage the procurement and implementation of these strategies. This includes having the below components in place.

Site audit

Site Surveillance Audit

This audit is conducted by our medical consultants on-site to assess and monitor the compliance of the project site with the relevant healthcare regulations, standards, and internal policies. This is also used to identify and evaluate healthcare-related risks to provide risk management mitigation strategies.

Remote locations

Design, Procurement and Implementation

With the insight provided by the audits and assessments, our highly qualified team will design a healthcare management solution that will encompass all healthcare services required on-site to ensure compliance with local and international regulations and to mitigate any risks associated with healthcare on-site. We also manage the procurement of all services and the implementation of these. This includes medical consultancy, medical staffing, equipment and consumables, training, healthcare facility setup and more.

Medical Rescue

Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP)

We can develop a Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP) document, a systematic and comprehensive approach to preparing for and responding to medical emergencies. This includes risk assessments, communication protocols, evacuation and shelter plans, training and drills, patient care protocols, documentation and reporting and more.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Plan

Our knowledgeable team are experts in the field of emergency response planning, ensuring you have the right procedures for addressing medical emergencies, including Basic Life Support (BLS) protocols, communication plans, and evacuation procedures.

Medical Rescue

Health Impact Assessments

We conduct Health Impact Assessments (HIA) through our expert Occupational Health Consultants. This systematic process helps evaluate the potential health effects of a policy, program, project, or proposal before it is implemented. HIAs are used to inform you of the health consequences of various options and to provide recommendations to minimise these within the work environment.

Medical Evacuation

Health Risk Assessments

Our Occupational Health Consultants can provide Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) which are systematic evaluations of employees’ health status and risk factors. Health Risk Assessments play a valuable role in preventive healthcare, promoting healthier lifestyles, and reducing the burden of chronic diseases. They empower employees to take control of their health and make informed decisions about their wellbeing while on-site.

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Our team of professionals brings extensive expertise and practical experience to the healthcare management industry. With a deep understanding of the distinctive obstacles that arise in healthcare management throughout Africa, we have operated across 36 African countries, making us well-equipped to provide effective solutions. We also prioritise supporting local content and have partnered with various African organisations to facilitate this. Whether you require a comprehensive solution for healthcare management or specific healthcare services for a remote project, we offer a complete range of services. From project inception to implementation, we take care of everything, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

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