Medical Service Management

Provide your employees with access to a quality standard of care on remote project sites.

Meet your duty of care requirements and ensure business continuity with our quality medical services.

We provision the medical services required to mitigate risks related to accidents, injuries or illnesses and to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees on-site. Our medical services management solution aims to provide business continuity and ensure you meet your duty of care responsibilities. This includes medical staffing, equipment and consumable procurement, ongoing training, and employee wellbeing programs.

The Benefits of Medical Service Management

Medical Service Management

medical services

Medical Staffing

No matter what your medical staffing needs are, we can provide you with medical personnel who are qualified, professional and experienced. This includes nurses, paramedics, doctors, rescue personnel and more.

Medical Equipment

Equipment and Consumable Procurement

We source and procure the full range of medical equipment, medical supplies and consumables. This includes emergency vehicles, emergency equipment, defibrillators, ventilators and more. We also manage the maintenance of this equipment.

Healthcare facility clinic

Healthcare Facility Set-Up

Depending on your unique requirements across remote project sites in Africa, we can set up temporary, permanent and bespoke healthcare facilities.

Medical Services

Topside Support & Telemedicine

Our Topside support service ensures the delivery of specialised 24/7 medical management. We provide medical personnel with the resources and support to advise on medical emergencies. This also includes the use of telemedicine.

quality assurance

Occupational Health Services

Our Occupational Health services aim to ensure employees are fit to do their work and that their work does not impact their health. These occupational medical services include occupational medicine, occupational hygiene, and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

Training Services

We offer accredited and certified training services that cover emergency response and medical training. This can be provided on-site and at our world-class training facility in Johannesburg, ensuring that medical personnel can handle all emergencies.

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