Healthcare Facility Set-Up Service

For a fully integrated approach to Medical & Emergency Management

Top-tier healthcare facilities that offer your employees access to high-quality medical services on-site

Depending on your unique requirements across remote project sites in Africa, we can set up temporary, permanent, and bespoke healthcare facilities. This includes establishing medical clinics, health clinics, mobile clinics, occupational health clinics, ICUs, surgical theatres, and more. Establishing these medical facilities is essential for ensuring the immediate and specialised medical care needed in emergencies, addressing site-specific health risks, promoting overall employee wellbeing, and contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

Healthcare Facility Set-Up Service Features

Through our international medical clinic or hospital set-up service, we assist in guaranteeing the wellbeing and efficiency of your employees. We understand the importance of your employees as valuable resources, which is why it is essential for them to have access to top-notch healthcare services that will enable them to preserve their well-being and productivity. Establishing a medical clinic on-site plays a significant role in ensuring that employees receive the highest standard of medical care. Features of this service include the following:

Needs Assessment:

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand the specific healthcare requirements of your remote project site. We consider the size of the population, types of medical services needed, and potential health risks related to the work environment. From there, we will design a strategy highlighting the specific on-site facility needs to ensure compliance and to meet your duty of care responsibilities. We will manage everything from beginning to end.

Regulatory Compliance:

We will ensure that the medical clinic, mobile health clinic, and other healthcare facilities comply with local and international healthcare regulations. This includes licensing, accreditation, and adherence to medical standards.

Telemedicine and Technology:

We can implement telemedicine solutions to connect remote locations with specialised healthcare professionals. These solutions may include teleconsultations, telehealth advise, remote monitoring devices, and electronic health records.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

With years of experience behind us, we understand the infrastructure needs required to establish healthcare facilities in these locations. With our local partnerships, we can ensure the medical clinic meets all requirements. We also source and procure all medical equipment, emergency response systems, and more.

Logistics and Supply Chain:

Over the years, our team has developed a robust logistics and supply chain system to ensure a steady and timely flow of medical supplies, medications, and equipment for healthcare facilities to remote project sites across Africa.

Qualified Personnel:

We manage the recruitment and procurement of healthcare professionals capable of working in remote environments. This ensures that the healthcare facility or mobile health clinic personnel can handle the challenges unique to the location, such as limited resources and potential isolation.

Collaboration with Local Authorities:

As a business, we work closely with local authorities, government agencies, and non-profit organisations to create a collaborative approach to healthcare delivery in remote areas. This enhances your reputation and showcases your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Why Choose ATA International as Your Healthcare Facility Provider?

No matter your healthcare management needs, we can provide qualified, professional, and experienced on-site medical staffing support, including nurses, paramedics, doctors, rescue personnel, and more. If you require permanent, temporary or bespoke healthcare facilities, we can do it.

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