ECG and Pharmacology Training

ECG and Pharmacology Training

The Basic ECG and Pharmacology Course offers a structured approach to identifying and managing various heart rhythm disorders, including bradycardias, tachycardias, and arrhythmias. Participants in the healthcare field receive training on interpreting ECG patterns, understanding the significance of different waves and intervals, and detecting abnormalities. This training is crucial for accurately and promptly diagnosing cardiac conditions. Additionally, pharmacology training covers the study of various categories of medications, their therapeutic applications, recommended dosages, administration routes, and potential adverse effects. Healthcare professionals gain the necessary knowledge to make well-informed decisions regarding drug therapy and prioritise patient safety.


  • 1 Day

Target Audience:

The Course is specifically tailored for healthcare professionals who must identify and interpret life-threatening heart rhythm abnormalities and ECG patterns. It aims to equip them with the skills to administer emergency care and administer the appropriate medications in such situations.

 Course Structure:

The courses provide the necessary information to recognise and stabilise adult patients who display different electrocardiographic irregularities and the relevant clinical and pharmacological knowledge for cardiovascular emergencies. Participants are offered a variety of clinical examples and illustrations for better understanding.


  • 9 Continuing Education Units