Wellness Week

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ATA International Holdings celebrated Wellness Week, which is celebrated between 5th and 9th July. As our country is currently working through the 3rd Wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and with high infection rates and Hospitals full, our Head Office staff are working remotely with our Operations team (the heart of our business) working on a rotational basis so as to adhere to Social Distancing protocols.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving!! Each one has an impact on your physical and mental health.

Wellness is Multidimensional and here are the most commonly referred to dimensions.

Wellness Wheel displaying the most common dimensions associated with Wellness. 

Wellness Week

Emotional Dimension: It encourages us to recognize, express and accept our feelings. To manage our emotions and behaviors in a positive way. To love others and ourselves.

Environmental Dimension: It encourages us to understand how our daily habits affect the environment. To take steps to protect the environment and improve our surroundings. To take time to enjoy nature.

Intellectual Dimension: It encourages us to use our minds for greater understanding of ourselves and others. To expand our knowledge and skill set. To develop and express our creativity.

Physical Dimension: It encourages us to get regular exercise to build strength and endurance. To maintain healthy diet and sleep habits. To manage our health and safety in a proactive way.

Social Dimension: It encourages us to foster healthy relationships and social networks. To contribute to our environment and community. To pursue a sense of connection in our lives.

Spiritual Dimension: It encourages us to seek purpose and meaning in our lives. To develop a set of ethics, values and guiding principles. To appreciate the depth and expanse of the universe.

Occupational Dimension: It encourages us to seek satisfaction and enrichment through our occupation, goals and interests. To share our gifts and talents. To feel a sense of purpose in our lives.

When discussing the Wellness of a person, all of the above dimensions need to be taken into account. As humans are made of different complicated processes and system, Wellness too needs to be considered as a complex process.

There have been many studies and many statistics around the world proving that the effect of COVID-19 has affected all human both directly and indirectly. Humans are inherently social beings, and been forced into isolation / quarantine, working from home, not being allowed to move around and not being allowed to visit family and friends have had huge effects on the Wellness of many globally.

Working From home Stressors

Know the common work-related factors that can add to stress during a pandemic:
• Concern about the risk of being exposed to the virus at work
• Taking care of personal and family needs while working
• Managing a different workload
• Lack of access to the tools and equipment needed to perform your job
• Feelings that you are not contributing enough to work or guilt about not being on the frontline
• Uncertainty about the future of your workplace and/or employment
• Learning new communication tools and dealing with technical difficulties
• Adapting to a different workspace and/or work schedule

ATA International Holdings

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Staying at home

1. Stick to a Routine
2. Get Dressed
3. Get out of the house for at least 30 minutes a day
4. Reach out to Others – Friends, Family
5. Stay Hydrated and eat Healthy
6. Take time to Self-Care
7. Find lightness and humour each day – Laughing keeps you young!
8. Remind yourself this Daily is only Temporary
9. Reach out for Help. Your team is here for you!

As Wellness Week comes to an end, we reflect on another busy week at ATA International Holdings! Not even a global pandemic can keep our team from getting together.

A few activities were planned to bring the team together, this included; A virtual catch-up, the virtual toolbox session on Wellness and the delivery of Wellness goodies for all staff members.
The main message of the week; Stay focused on your own Wellness and make small changes to achieve a better state of #wellness

Table of Contents

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