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ATA international Holdings assisting clients in Africa during their Covid-19 response

ATA International Holdings has recently provided 16 medical staff – 11 Nurses and 5 Doctors – to assist our clients in Africa during their Covid-19 response. During this difficult time, our first priority was to allow our clients to operate safely while being prepared for every eventuality. We also provided multiple shipments of protective clothing, masks, face shields and medical equipment  to clients all over Africa to further aid with the Covid-19 response.

Due to flights being grounded and minimal cargo flights available to provide medical staff or protective equipment, ATA International Holdings Operations Team pulled out all the stops. After long hours, hundreds of emails, phone calls and chartered flights ATA International Holdings ensured that their clients promptly received protective equipment and medical staff. 

ATA International Holdings is a solutions based company that strives to meet the demands that other companies are not able to provide.

Health Care Consultancy and Management services

ATA healthcare consulting services. With deep industry experience, insight and technical support our priority is to prevent on-site illness or injury, to lessen the impact on both the working environment and the employees, and we are committed to keeping your staff safe and healthy.

Our professionals are able to share their experiences in order to help generate new approaches and different levels of care. Growing economic pressures and rising healthcare costs require major reforms, transformations and innovations in the healthcare systems. Changing demographic profiles, new technologies, pharmaceutical developments and rising healthcare demands, all create unprecedented fiscal pressures.

We are committed to a comprehensive Health care continuum and work in conjunction or as a single entity or with the client’s medical teams to ensure optimal patient management, systems, equipment and personnel.

Onsite Medical Services

ATA international is a comprehensive emergency management solutions organisation, specialising in the provision of medical support and on-location emergency medical services. 

The innovative proficiency of our operating model allows us to adapt to the location, size and scope of any project. We take clients’ needs into account and formulating bespoke medical support and management solutions that suit your site and its demands.

ATA International is aware of the risks associated with remote and industrial sites.  We specialise in dealing with African countries, and prioritise the maintenance of on-site health and employee wellbeing.

Being a dynamic company allows us the ability to set up mobile medical units and portable or semi-permanent medical clinics. We are also able to erect temporary hospitals that contain medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumables and, most importantly, qualified medical professionals.

International Managed
Medical Care

ATA international Medical Service provides our clients with direct access to global medical care through our international aviation partners, and hospital groups. 

We are able to render our services at any site, anywhere in the world. Our aeromedical resources consist of fixed wing aircrafts, which are staffed with skilled and experience medical providers.

We offer the following:

  • Emergency medical evacuation facilitation
  • Elective surgery management at international hospital groups in South Africa
  • Medical case management
  • Commercial air evacuation
  • Risk management & emergency response plans

Table of Contents

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