Practical Experiential Training (PET)

Practical Experiential Training (PET)

The exhilarating Practical Experiential Training (PET) course includes ‘Hands-on’ practical training for healthcare practitioners (i.e. medical, paramedical and nursing practitioners). These courses can be customised to your area of speciality to offer you the opportunity and benefit of gaining meaningful experiential training and maintaining a good level of competence in line with your medical abilities, whilst being regarded and treated as a member of the team.

PET shifts are scheduled at The Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, a level one trauma hospital and with a privately operated emergency medical service. We ensure that the healthcare professionals’ treatment capabilities are enhanced through exposure to carefully structured ‘hands-on’ experiential training activities under the supervision of suitable professionals.

Due to the high influx of medical and surgical patients, healthcare practitioners may have the opportunity to refresh certain skills and procedures that they may not have been exposed to for some time.

Regulations require foreign-qualified healthcare professionals to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA – Medical Doctors) or the South African Nursing Council (SANC) should they intend to practice their profession within the borders of the RSA.

ATA International Training staff specialises in providing the value added service of assisting doctors and nurses with the registration process with the relevant statutory bodies, which can prove to be time-consuming and challenging for individuals.

Pre-Hospital Management

Delegates accompany Advanced Life Support paramedics on a privately operated emergency medical service (i.e. ambulance service). This is essentially a road-based service and delegates will receive exposure to the initial management of medical and surgical emergencies. In addition, there is the exposure to the use of immobilisation equipment and the extrication of patients.

Trauma Unit

Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital affiliated with Wits Medical School, provides clinical education and training in addition to delivering medical care to patients. This is a level one trauma hospital and one of the busiest trauma units in the world.

Delegates are guaranteed to be exposed to a wide variety of trauma related conditions and the management of these patients in the initial resuscitation phase with the rest of the trauma team. In addition, there are opportunities to assist with medical and surgical interventions and procedures such as intubation, intercostal drain insertion, central line placement, suturing etc.

Opportunities to attend theatre cases are also made available.

Trauma Intensive Care Unit

The delegates are exposed to the continued management of severely injured patients in a world-class intensive care setting. They will be expected to actively participate in a wide range of patient management activities, in addition to participating in ward rounds presented by surgical registrars and surgical consultants.

With the approval of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, we are able to assist with practical experiential training in other speciality areas upon request, providing you with a valuable and lasting experience.