It is with great honour and appreciation that we once again accept the award of a Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award for Best Total healthcare Solutions Provider for 2021.

Global Health & Pharma has hosted the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards for the sixth consecutive year in a row.  This year the awards were judged purely on merit. This merit-driven approach has allowed for a more efficient method when awarding the winners across all categories.

It is no surprise that 2021 was a year that brough along many challenges and threats to millions worldwide. It is the responsibility of Healthcare providers to remain innovative both in treatments but also in service. 

ATA International Holding, Emergency and Rescue Vehicles

As Trevor Justus, Director of ATA International Holdings, put it “We have seen medical providers working together to understand and address the challenges caused by the crisis to support patients, their families, and communities. Using past lessons and management of Ebola, TB and Malaria, medical providers have relied on their knowledge to efficiently and effectively implement the vital protocols and measures needed to continue to operate safely. Each country has responded differently to the pandemic and placed restrictions on work-related travel including health professionals. The Vaccine programmes have allowed for some movement and better planning with quarantines in place. Continuing to share learnings from different responses and knowledge of specific health protocols is now vital moving forward.”

The team at ATA International Holdings should be proud of their accomplishments over the last 12 months. Even with years of experience in the Emergency Medicine field, our team continues to learn and grow with the goal of always being ‘THERE FOR LIFE®’.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, suppliers and clients for their continued support throughout 2021.


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