Basic Life Support Jump Bag Specifications

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  • Product Code : AB.COMP
    • Set of eight oropharyngeal airways contained in transparent plastic container
    • Airway sizes include:
      • Airway 000 Pink 40mm
      • Airway 00 Blue 50mm
      • Airway 0 Black 60mm
      • Airway 1 White 70mm
      • Airway 2 Green 80mm
      • Airway 3 Yellow 90mm
      • Airway 4 Red 100mm
      • Airway 5 Orange 110mm
    • Manufactured from high quality plastic
    • All edges on airways are rounded to reduce the risk of oral trauma
    • Airways colour coded for easy identification
    • Oropharyngeal Airways can be purchased in singles as required

    Product Code: GLUC.PLUS
    • Requires small blood sample, just 1.5μ
    • Accurate results in less than 15 seconds
    • 192 test memory with date and time
    • Large display
  • Product Code: SUC.C.WC.10FG

    Suction catheters are used in conjunction with a battery operated suction unit to clear the airway of vomitus, blood and other secretions in the unconscious patient.

    Be Safe Paramedical brings you a quality PVC Soft Tip Suction Catheter with control port for controlling pressures during suctioning.

    Technical Specifications
    • Manufactured from high quality clear PVC
    • Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic
    • Latex free
    • Available in sizes; 5FG, 6FG, 8FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG and 18FG
    • Ends of catheters are designed for atraumatic suctioning
    • Thumb control port for controlled suctioning application
    • Colour-coded port for easy size identification
    • Individually packed
  • Product Code: SUC.YANK.WC

    Suction catheters are used in conjunction with a battery operated suction unit to clear the airway of vomitus, blood and other secretions in the unconscious patient.

    Be Safe Paramedical brings you a quality PVC Yankhauer Suction Catheter with control port for controlling pressures during suctioning.

    Technical Specifications:
    • Manufactured from high quality clear PVC
    • Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic
    • Latex free
    • Catheter end designed for atraumatic suctioning
    • Finger control port for controlled suctioning application
    • Individually packed
  • Product Code : RES.SIL.A.I
    • Reusable silicone resuscitator
    • 1500ml volume
    • 2500ml PVC/PE reservoir
    • “Pop-off” valve 60cmH2O
    • Intake valve set
    • Reservoir intake valve set
    • Autoclavable up to 134oC
  • Early burn wound management significantly influences the healing processes and eventual outcome of the burn patient. The focus of early burn wound management is to stop the burn process and protect the burn site from the development of infection.

    The active ingredients of Burn-Eaz® gels and sprays are Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) and Aloe Ferox. Melaleuca alternifolia has been shown to effectively absorb and dissipate heat from burnt tissue. Aloe Ferox is well known for its healing, antiseptic and anti-pruritic properties.

    The Burn-Eaz ® range of burns dressings, gels and sprays from Be Safe Paramedical combines the properties of Melaleuca alternifolia (1.0% m/m)and Aloe Ferox (0.025% m/m) into a synergistic blended gel that brings a new dimension to the management of burn wounds.


    Why use Burn Eaz®
    • Burn-Eaz® can be used on all burns and scalds from superficial to full-thickness burns
    • Burn-Eaz® can be used on chemical burns following removal of the offending chemical
    • Burn-Eaz® reduces tissue temperature following application providing instant soothing relief
    • Burn-Eaz® promotes healing and reduces the amount of skin loss
    • Burn-Eaz® dressings provides an antiseptic covering and minimizes the potential for post burn infection
    • Burn-Eaz® is safe for use on babies, adults and the elderly
    • The Burn-Eaz® range offers extremely competitive pricing
    • Burn-Eaz® dressings are available in individually packed foil pouches in:
      • 10 x 10cm dressings
      • 20 x 20cm dressings
      • 60 x 40cm dressings
    • Burn-Eaz® is also available in a convenient 125ml spray bottle and in gel form in a 100g tube
    • Pocket sized resuscitation device used to perform rescue breathing
    • Provides clear and flexible barrier between rescuer and patient
    • One-way valve protects rescuer from contamination
  • Our Crepe Bandages are low weight and flexible which is useful for following the natural contours of the body. It has superb stretch and regain properties, allowing for free joint movement following application.

    CritiCare™ Crepe Bandages are washable and reusable with non-fraying edges, making it extremely cost-effective when used multiple times.

    • Latex free
    • Soft with excellent stretch
    • Provides uniform joint/limb compression
    • Does not obstruct joint or muscle flexibility
    • Breathable
    • Manufactured from a combination of Polyester and Spandex yarn for excellent durability and stretch
    • Available in 50, 75, 100 and 150 X4.5 sizes
  • Product Specifications:
    • The CritiBand MKII is the latest generation multi-trauma bandage developed by Be Safe Paramedical
    • Specifically designed for those instances where maximum direct wound pressure is required to control severe external haemorrhaging
    • Designed with the end-user in mind, i.e. can easily be self-applied
    • Stitched in trauma pad
    • Super stretch – for controlled application of direct wound pressure
    • Self-securing – no need for pins or tape, CritiBand wraps onto itself
    • Due to its generous length, CritiBand can be applied equally effectively to the head, torso, abdomen and extremities
    • Due to its broad structure , pressure is applied in a diffuse manner and therefore does not create a tourniquet effect
    • Dimensions: 100mm x 4.5m (stretched)
  • Product code : CRITI.S.A/P
    • Save costs on traditional flannel strips used for securing Kramer Wire Splints
    • CritiStrap is manufactured from high quality stretch nylon
    • Velcro hook and loop securing system
    • CritiStrap’s generous length provides for the size variations commonly encountered by emergency care personnel
    • CritiStrap’s design allows for straps to be joined to secure bilateral fractures of the upper and lower extremities
    • The broad structure of the straps promotes excellent stability and ultimately better patient comfort
    • Reuse to save on your equipment budget
    • Available in Large (blue label) for adult lower extremities and Medium (red label) for adult upper extremities and paediatric lower extremities
    • Large pack consists of 2 Large and 1 Medium CritiStrap in a quality nylon bag
    • Medium Pack consists of 3 medium straps in a quality nylon bag
  • Product code : STETH.DUAL.DR
    • Features an Aluminum dual- sided chest piece
    • Non-chill ring
    • Screw-on metal retaining ring
    • Chrome-plated external spring binaurals
    • Quality single lumen tubing
    • Latex free
    • Available in various colours
  • Your gloves are often the only barrier between you and a seriously ill or injured patient. Making sure that your hands are protected by a quality pair is paramount to both yours and the patient’s safety.

    Be Safe paramedical are pleased to bring you a quality and cost effective option for the protection of your hands.

    Technical Specifications:
    • Single-use examination glove, ambidextrous
    • 100% latex
    • Lightly powdered with corn starch
    • Hypoallergenic
    • High tactile sensitivity
  • Product Specifications
    • Manufactured from aluminised PET film
    • Measures 2m x 1.1m
    • Reflects 80% of radiated body heat
    • When fully opened it is detectable by electronic devices and highly visible from the air
    • Also available in swaddler size

  • Product Code: CRIT-TOUR
    Technical Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 38 x 890mm (W x L)
    • One, or two-handed application
    • Velcro and buckle securing system
    • Built in padding reduces the potential for “buckle pinching”
    • Windlass tensioner
    • High quality user instruction insert
    • High quality and an extremely competitive price
    • CE and ISO13485 quality accredited

    Product Code: SC.UNIV
    • Stainless steel blade
    • Sturdy plastic handle
    • Blunt tip with snip protection
    • Convenient angled design
    • Excellent for cutting dressing and bandages
    • Available in 16 or 19cm size
    • Available in various colours
  • Product Code: SPL.PL.GREEN
    • Manufactured from solid plastic
    • The design allows for the splints to be interlocked to form a larger splint, thus catering for a wide range of needs
    • Quick application
    • Reusable
    • Easy to clean and keep clean
    • Small size makes it easy to store in your jump or first aid Bag
  • Product Code: THERM.ORAL
    • Oral and rectal version available
    • Solid glass tube
    • Mercury filled channel
    • Temp range 35 – 42oC
    • Plastic protective case included
  • Product Code: TOR.PEN.SIL
    • Quality pupil penlight torch in silver
    • Printed pupil gauge
    • Printed ruler
    • Smooth surface makes cleaning easy
    • Excellent lighting and excellent value
  • Product Code: BPM.ANER.I
    • Comfortable and durable adult cuff with Velcro fastener
    • Artery positioning label
    • Loop for gauge attachment
    • Standard air release valve
    • Leatherette zip case included