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Control Centres

Our preferred control centre service provider, Oculus, is the exclusive supplier of TBC consoles and other technical furniture to a wide variety of mission-critical applications including Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), and operations that rely on constant 24/7 functionality of their workstations. We typically recommend the SmartTrac solution for this application, which can be customized to provide a one-of-a-kind solution to meet each customer’s needs.

The MediTrac line is built for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical offices. They are robust enough to mount PACs monitors, height adjustable, can include special anti-microbial finish, and can be provided at an unbeatable price.

IntelliTrac and ControlTrac LT products have been used with great success in the Transportation and Traffic Control Industry, including airports, public transport, traffic management, and other mission-critical applications. TBC’s products are built with ergonomics, durability and modularity in mind and can be adapted for any control room. Ask us about your specific requirements and let us design a solution for you.