This assignment saw us active in the pacific region, on the Solomon Islands, for a multinational company operating a production facility. The client required an operational clinic for Employees, expats and surrounding local community, together with occupational health systems and the emergency response plans. A Medical clinic was provided however it needed work and organisation. The Clinic was repainted, repaired and reorganised.

The MERP was interesting task at this location as they have to deal with Cyclones, Earthquakes and Tsunami risks.

Due to the location of the Site the onsite Paramedic subsequently created the Cyclone MERP, along with a Cyclone Emergency Pack.

Training was done with the First Aiders, for them to understand the Cyclone MERP and the contents of the Cyclone Emergency Pack. The teams were also trained in TRIAGE. At the end of the one and half hour training session they were able to understand their roles with the MERP, and what would be expected of them during an emergency of this kind. They were also able to triage patients.

Each Department was informed of the MERP, and the MERP placed on all notice boards in various Departments.

A Cyclone Evacuation Drill was planned for the company where all staff responded in the correct manner.

Earthquake and Tsunami MERP was also developed and explained to all staff per Department and a subsequent drill took place.

The focus of all the drills was to provide employees insight into evacuation procedures, first aiders and their expected roles, Health and Safety and Paramedical response for this unique location.